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dc.contributor.advisorVillalba-Morales, María Luisaspa
dc.contributor.authorSepulveda-Lopez, Fabián Andrésspa
dc.contributor.authorRestrepo-Rios, Juan Josespa
dc.subjectplataforma estrategicaspa
dc.subjectanalisis internospa
dc.subjectanalisis de competitividadspa
dc.subjectentidades sin animo de lucrospa
dc.titleDesarrollo de la Plataforma Estratégica para la organización sin ánimo de lucro Humanismo Integral al servicio del Hombre – HISHspa
dc.description.abstractenglishAt present, organizations are immersed in a changing and globalized world, to which technological advances and the accelerated development of commercialization and industry processes have a strong influence on social paradigms. NGOs or non-governmental organizations are not alien to this reality, since, instead of offering products, they are regularly in charge of the provision of services, precisely for this reason it is necessary for managers to implement processes, techniques and tools that allow responding to the needs of the context in which they interact, developing strategic planning, since this gives the possibility of analyzing both internally and externally (Rendon & Russi, 2016). The objective of this research is to develop the Strategic Platform for the non-profit organization Humanismo Integral en servicio del Hombre - HISH, for which studies addressing strategic planning and the instruments that must be developed for the success of the goals set within the institution. To achieve the above objective, the information from the external and internal environment was analyzed, as well as a diagnosis of the organization, and based on this, the design of the strategic plan was carried out. Therefore, the present work is divided into five sections, described below. In the first instance, the documentary study is reflected and the methodological contributions of the project are structured. Subsequently, the characterization of the non-profit organization is carried out, to understand its evolution and behavior, identifying important aspects such as the current situation of the company, its trajectory, the portfolio of services and the processes it executes. Later, the analysis of the environment is carried out, through the main economic, demographic, social, cultural, environmental, political and legal characteristics, classifying them in opportunities and threats. Then, in chapter four, a description of the health sector was made, with tools such as competitive diamond and Porter's five forces to define the dynamics of the sector. Consecutively, an analysis of the internal situation in each of the organization's areas was carried out, identifying the main strengths and weaknesses, establishing strategies that allow reducing the negative effects and enhancing the positive factors of the entity. Finally, the action plan is described, specifying the objectives to be achieved, the activities to be carried out, time, resources, managers and indicators that allow the management to be measured. The conclusions and recommendations based on the findings and analyzes developed are presented, as well as the bibliography that contains all the material consulted for the development of this project.eng
dc.subject.subjectenglishstrategic platformspa
dc.subject.subjectenglishinternal analisisspa
dc.subject.subjectenglishcompetitiveness analysisspa
dc.subject.subjectenglishNon-profit entitiesspa
dc.subject.lembEntidades sin ánimo de lucrospa
dc.subject.lembEconomía socialspa
dc.subject.lembCompetencia (Economía)spa
dc.subject.lembEconomía de bienestarspa
dc.subject.lembInvestigación de mercadospa
dc.subject.lembInvestigación aplicadaspa
dc.audienceInterés Generalspa
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dc.description.cityRionegro, Antioquiaspa
dc.contributor.corpauthorUniversidad Católica de Orientespa
dc.type.localTesis/Trabajo de grado - Monografía – Especializaciónspa
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